There are many wonderful restaurants in the area and below are some of our favorites:

Arrow Rock

  • Catalpa
    510 High St.
    Arrow Rock, MO. 65320

  • Chez Trappeur Bar and Bistro
    406 Main St.
    Arrow Rock, MO‬. 65320

  • J Huston Tavern
    304 Main St.
    Arrow Rock, MO. 65320‬


    606 E. BROADWAY
    BRUNSWICK, MO65236

  • Kaitlynn’s Deli & Restaurant
    121 E Broadway St.
    Brunswick, MO 65236‬


  • Dancing Bear Café
    2450 Peacock Road,
    Corder, MO. 64021


  • Brick BBQ
    169 S. Lafayette Ave.
     Marshall, MO. 65340‬

  • Picosita Grill and Pizzeria
    259 E. Morrow St.
    Marshall, MO. 65340‬

  • Mexico Lindo No. 2
    344 N. Lafayette
     Marshall, MO. 65340

  • Los Tres Amigos
     875 S Odell Ave.
     Marshall, MO. 65340


  • Waverly Apple Barbeque
     700 W Walnut St,.
    Waverly, MO. 64096

Places to Go

Nicholas Beazley Aviation Museum
1985 South Odell Street
Marshall, MO 65340
In 1924, two entrepreneurs formed a company in Marshall, Missouri to service the budding aviation industry. At first they resold surplus parts. Later, they opened a flying school, once said to be the largest civilian flight education program in the country. When Charles Lindberg made his historic flight across the Atlantic in the "Spirit of St. Louis," some of the pieces that held his monoplane together came from the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company.

Jim the Wonder Dog
101 North Lafayette
Marshall, MO 65340
In all the annals of canine history, there has never been another dog equal to Jim, who could reportedly understand multiple languages and predict the future. Psychology professionals observed his talents with astonishment. Find out more about Jim and his remarkable gift.

Walt Disney Hometown Museum
120 E Santa Fe Street
Marceline, MO 64658
Walt Disney considered Marceline a treasured paradise. His childhood experiences would later inspire films and theme parks such as Disneyland's Main Street USA. Learn the personal story of the Disney family and how Marceline shaped an American icon.

Battle of Lexington Historic Site/Oliver Anderson House
403 John Shea Drive
Lexington, MO 64067
The home of Oliver Anderson, built in 1853, was considered one of the finest houses west of St. Louis. A horrific three day Civil War battle was fought on Anderson's property in 1861. Battle scars still remain in the surrounding fields as well as evidence of bullet holes and cannon fire in the walls of the house. The Visitor's Center provides a comprehensive view of the battle as well as the story of Lexington during the mid-19th century. Exhibitions explain area economic factors such as dependence on cash crops like hemp, reliance on slavery, river trade and the Santa Fe Trail.

Village of Arrow Rock
Located 13 miles north of I-70 on Highway 41 in Saline County
The entire village of Arrow Rock has been designated a National Historic Landmark in recognition of its association with Westward Expansion, the Santa Fe Trail and artist George Caleb Bingham. In 1829, the town of Arrow Rock was founded on a bluff where some of the earliest travelers along the Santa Fe Trail crossed the Missouri river. By the time the Civil War began, Arrow Rock had reached its peak population of 1,000 residents. Many local citizens were prominent in state and national affairs. Three 19th century Missouri governors came from Arrow Rock as well as Dr. John Sappington, who developed quinine pills to treat malarial fevers. Today, visitors can take walking or driving tours and be immersed in Missouri history.

Missouri's American Indian Cultural Center/Van Meter State Park
32146 N MO-122
Miami, MO 65344
Van Meter State Park features remnants of the Missouria Indian village that sat at the Great Bend of the Missouri River, marked on a map by Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet in 1673. A hand-dug earthwork (old fort) and several burial mounds lie within the park's boundaries. In the early 19th century, nine Indian tribes called Missouri home. These tribes include the Otoe-Missouria, Osage, Delaware, Ioway, Illini-Peoria, Kanza, Kickapoo, Sac and Fox, and Shawnee. There is a large display of early maps of North America depicting early European exploration and contact with American Indian tribes.

Hiking - Van Meter State Park
32146 N MO-122
Miami, MO 65344
Van Meter State Park features six hiking trails ranging from about a half mile to two miles in length and of varying terrain. You can hike through American Indian sites, traverse through prairie areas, enjoy a vista of the Missouri River bottoms and experience the wetland and wooded areas of the Oumessourit Natural Area.

The Katy Trail State Park stretches 237 miles across Missouri's midsection. Built on the tracks of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad line, the park is the nation's longest rails-to-trails project. Over half of it follows Lewis and Clark's path up the Missouri River. There's enough variety to keep you interested with tree-shaded areas, open fields, impressive Missouri River bluffs and quaint communities along the way. The trail offers numerous diversions for bicyclists along the way, including restaurants and connections to towns along the route.

Warm Springs Ranch
25270 MO-98
Boonville, MO. 65233
Warm Springs Ranch is a breeding farm for the Budweiser Clydesdales, resting on 300-plus acres of lush, rolling hills in the heart of Missouri.   Established in 2008, it features a mare/stallion and foaling barn, veterinary lab and 10 pastures, each with a customized, walk-in shelter. The facility is home to more than 70 Clydesdales ranging from foals to stallions. Both walking and private tours are available April through October. Reservations required.