Visitor Details: 

  • Saturday, September 30th: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sunday, October 1: 10:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • No Ticket Required
  • Free Parking
  • Treats & Goodies Available

Vendor Details:

  • Inside Booth Space: $40 - 10x12 - limited spaces available
  • Outdoor Booth Space: $25 - Tents/Canopies allowed

Here are some of the vendors that will be at Malta Top!  We be adding more vendors to the site as we get closer to the event.  If you are interested in being a vendor at Malta Top, please call 816-863-8646.

  • DTG&K Antiques and Interiors carry a wide variety of classic antique furniture, decorative objects and artwork.   There’s nothing more beautiful than a mahoganyRegency sideboard paired with an abstract painting—or a pair of Victorian chairs all dressed up in new linen. It’s all about the mix and nobody does it better.  Pssstt--They also like primitives-- so heads up because there’s a painted pine secretary made with square nails that is really something.
  • Kathy Chirpich specializes in textiles.  A collector, she’s been hunting and gathering for over twenty years.  She has a keen eye for quality—everything from Marghab to fine Portuguese and Irish linens. She also revels in vintage textiles, printed table cloths, embroidered work.  Kathy also has a secret passion for crystal, fine vintage crystal.  Think Heisey……
  •  Melissa Schlader specializes in mid-century furniture, decorative objects, fabric and art.  She loves the beautiful wood, clean lines and smooth surfaces of quality vintage furniture. No one has a better eye for mid-century artwork.  She can ferret out great artists and appreciate fine prints that others miss.  
  • Mary Gorski has a lot of energy and vitality and it’s reflected in her wares.  Are you looking for a mid-century bar set or a sleek lamp?  How about a table with the clean lines of Scandinavian design? Mary has the eye for it all.  Plus, she loves holidays and always has fun vintage holiday décor.
  • Martyn Howgill photographs the world around him in a way that makes you want more—to see more, do more, experience more.  He works in both black and white and color—sometimes both.  One of our favorites is that shot he made in Chicago,” GoDoGood” but then there’s also that shot in Iceland with riveting sky and clouds or the one of the horses on the dunes.  You get the drift.  Original, fine photographs framed, unframed.  
  • Nancie Kivett has an eye for collections and she’s got a lot of them. Imagine a beautiful old oak library table covered with a collection of crystal cake plates filled with bird’s nests, bird cages, etc.  Or fill the top of that table with McCoy pots, every color in the rainbow. There is also this collection of bird pitchers that will leave you totally charmed and in awe.  
  • Whole Bird Studio creates cards and journals from handmade paper.  The paper comes from a plant fiber called abaca which is beaten to a pulp.  Pheasant feathers are added to produce a unique texture. Each card and journal is signed by the artist, Allen Richardson. They are exquisite. Write something wonderful to someone you love.
  • Kosy Grove has treasures ranging from architectural salvage, antique furniture, decorative objects, local memorabilia, postcards, old boxes and horse stuff.  Imagine a homestead filled with family lore and goods.  There are hickory chairs, old school benches, mirrors, pictures, sconces, linens and more. 
  • Spring Water Greenhouse and Landscaping is more than just plants.  Spring Water repurposes and redesigns.  You will find the most inspiring ideas to make your deck or porch come alive or bring that treasured plant indoors in a unique container.  They can turn a lantern into a work of art.  And did we mention the wreaths? 
  • Sue Richardson is always busy creating, refining and making lovely jewelry from beads, bottle-caps--you never know what she’s going to come up with-- but when you see it you want it!  You’ve got to have it. 
  • The Holiday Shop--  Christmas comes only once a year so we might as well make the most of it!  We love vintage ornaments, wreaths made from Grandma’s cookie cutters, tree skirts and stockings made from felt and lovingly beaded by old Aunties. This is the stuff of memories and celebrations. 
  • The Village Peddler Antiques, Arrow Rock, MO - Offers a variety of items from 18th Century to mid century.  He has awesome birdhouses re purposed from mail boxes. 
  • Kristal and Rob Murphy, Holt's Summit, MO - Antiques and collectibles from vintage bar ware to barn yard rust, cast iron and metal yard ornaments.  Rock specimens from Missouri, the US and other countries.  Amethyst, citrine, soapstone, flourite and many many more. 
  • Carlene Strathman, Carrollton, Mo. - Wide variety of items.  Carlene has booths at The Running Rabbit in Higginsville and the Simple Life in Concordia.
  • Unjunked Rethunk, Oak Grove, MO - Lindsey and Al love taking one man's junk and turning it into your treasure.  Wide variety unique items